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2009-06-28 11:29:16 by TCBadMan

Ok so i've been busy this week but the Alien Flash is about 15% done now but its going to take a while i'm aiming to have it up by October

in other news after that is finished going to get to work on a new series called "The super Parsnips"

its basically about these Parsnips with legs and arms who live in this town together and this mad professor Parsnip always makes these giant monsters by accident and he makes his friends stop them

anyway thats all for now bye


so i had an idea for a movie about an Alien HEHE!!

Its not easy living on mars (working title) sees a Martian Alien whatever you wanna call it being sent to earth and when he arrives on Earth he has to deal with none other then the British Military.

right now im designing the Alien (or Martian) i pictures of the different idea for the way he should look will be up over the next few posts

so thats all form me cya!!

voice actor looking for work

2009-05-19 12:00:00 by TCBadMan


If you need a voice actor who can do impersonations i am the guy for the job just PM me

i can do lots and lots of voices i do them for my Drama group and at family parties to keep the guests entertained when the party gets a bit boring i haven't had an audience that hasn't laughed I'm not kidding here.

so why not think about using me I'm more then happy to provide my voice to your flash.